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Get Peace of Mind and Higher Margins With Expert Loan Servicing

Unparalleled Results across Many Industries and Credit Spectrums

Monterey Financial loan servicing results

Today, many businesses enjoy higher loan program profits and fewer hassles when they turn their loan servicing over to a third party company with the proven expertise to:

  • handle and serve borrowers with all credit scores, including near-prime and subprime
  • issue consistent statements and collect payments via multiple, customer-convenient platforms
  • maintain up-to-the-minute compliance with state and federal regulations, avoiding regulatory risk
  • use state-of-the-art technology to secure and back-up records and consumer information
  • resolve delinquencies and defaults with a flexible and friendly approach
  • maximize client income by optimizing portfolio performance and cash recovery
  • enhance customer loyalty and longevity by proving professionalism and willingness to work with them
  • report to credit bureaus with precise data

Our Loan Servicing Specialists

Operating since 1990, Monterey Financial has become one of the nation's leading consumer loan servicing, collection and finance companies. Our success stems not only from our corporate philosophy to provide the most honest and dependable services, but from the investment we make in every member of our staff.

Over the years, we've found definitively that the more skilled and experienced our workforce, the better our performance and the higher our clients' profits for their loan programs. Our thorough training, competitive salaries, bonus programs and perks have ensured most of our employees stay with us for 10 years or more. Our loan servicing specialists are trained to develop positive relationships with borrowers in order to handle minor issues quickly before they turn into a larger problem.

Monterey Financial loan servicing team training

For our clients, utilizing our expert staff rather than their already harried, in-house employees translates into:

  • lower bad debt write-offs
  • higher cash recovery rates
  • deeper reporting and analytics
  • lower compliance risk
  • saving of valuable staff time
  • reduction of internal collection costs (increasing capital)
  • happier customers (when loans expertly handled)
  • avoidance of hiring, training and handholding your own loan servicing workforce

Our agents carefully execute an upbeat, understanding approach with all consumers, regardless of delinquency, and are well trained in the art of negotiation. A primary goal is to keep your customers loyal to your brand. Providing competent and clear communication regarding services and financing terms helps customers understand they are a priority and you appreciate their business.

Work with Our Simple Loan Servicing Process Crafted from 30 Years in the Field

Monterey Financial loan servicing clientportal

After nearly 30 years onboarding new clients, Monterey Financial has streamlined a simple process supported by user-friendly software that you and your staff will welcome, even enjoy!

We intend to serve our clients over the lifetime of their loan programs, providing loan servicing for clients with deep credit spectrums, including the subprime markets. In fact, we are one of the few loan servicers who specialize in the subprime arena.


We can work remotely or in person at your location. Your MFS account representative(s) steps you through connecting your loans to the MFS portal you will use to monitor our progress and success.


Clients enjoy 24/7 access to their MFS portal. Our intuitive platform and software makes individual loan performance, as well as overall portfolio performance easy to understand and access. Our data analytics team are happy to provide robust analyses of performance data.


Once our clients recognized their cost savings when outsourcing to a third party loan servicer, they often request additional services like:

  • delinquent debt recovery
  • document storage
  • consumer finance

Tailored Loan Servicing Programs for Complex Lending Situations

The credit arena can get complicated. When your business model or customer profile becomes more than you can handle, trust that Monterey has seen, serviced and solved it before.

We can resolve:

  • high balance loans
  • loan delinquencies and defaults
  • borrowers declaring bankruptcy
  • loan modifications and forbearances
  • portfolios secured by lenders or investors
  • annual dues
  • additional loan reports

Loan Servicing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Monterey Financial loan servicing frequently asked questions

What Is Loan Servicing? What do Consumer Loan Servicing Companies Do?

End-to-end loan servicing involves all steps of handling the financial aspect of the loan from initial loan set up to disbursing final payments back to the client, to account charge-off, and everything in between. All of this is done while enhancing positive borrower relationships, increasing customer loyalty and minimizing disputes. Some of the service you will receive once you become a Loan Servicing client are:

  • instant, on-the-spot credit approval for customers (if needed)
  • payment reminder notices to consumers
  • payment collection (phone calls, emails, text messages, etc.)
  • consumer customer service
  • account compliance
  • dispute responses
  • credit reporting
  • secure record maintenance
  • monthly client reports
  • detailed portfolio analytics
  • proceed remittance

As one of the top consumer loan servicing companies in the United States, your company can bank on white glove customer service and the industry's highest compliance rates.

What are a Loan Servicing Company's Fees?

Monterey Financial charges an all-inclusive, per-month, per-account fee. The fee includes all collection phone calls, text messages, email, skip tracing, and any other efforts needed to collect and manage your portfolio.

Year after year, we have delivered more overall profit to the client than our competitors. By utilizing email and text in addition to phone calls and direct letters, our assertive, yet compliant approach has achieved one of the best contact rates in the industry. All clients know that it's the direct contact that ultimately leads to payment arrangements.

Avoidance of loan compliance penalties, as well as the potential of cost savings and staffing all must figure in to determining the ideal loan servicer for your company.

Many of our clients have reported that the cost savings of managing just one medium-sized borrower account pays Monterey Financial's fees for their entire loan portfolio!

How Does Monterey Financial Loan Servicing Company Maintain Strict Compliance with Federal and State Laws?

Interest and penalties resulting from improper loan servicing and consumer complaints not only eats into profit margins, it alienates customers and impacts a company's reputation overall.

To protect our clients, Monterey Financial has a team of attorneys and other legal professionals, along with a dedicated compliance committee solely responsible for monitoring changes to all federal and state laws that involve loan servicing. This team frequently updates our account representatives and loan specialists so they can ensure compliance in the management of your portfolio.

How does Monterey Financial secure loan documents, payments and consumer information?

We have tested and iron-clad contingency plans for unexpected servicing interruptions. Our back-up servers support our primary servers and our power system is backed up by commercial, enterprise-level generators.

As for internet security, every entity handling money and payments must comply with the U.S. Treasury Department's mandated 256-bit or "banking-level" encryption system. Monterey Financial is happy to protect clients and their customers with the best the industry offers. With state-of-the-art encryption and robust backup-hardware, Monterey Financial offers more security and consistency than other loan servicers. We run constant security checks on both hardware and software systems. Our dual storage solution—including both physical and digital documentation—ensures consumers stay responsible for their debts no matter the circumstances. Do you have a natural disaster recovery system? We do! All these safeguards help clients sleep well at night.

Can we offload tasks other than loan servicing?

Absolutely! Monterey Financial began as a delinquent debt recovery company, but soon found that their thriving clients had other needs as well. Our loan servicing company began soon after, and most clients use both to streamline their operations. Most of our clients have found our additional services such as back-up servicing and document storage indispensable as well.

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