About Monterey Financial

Mission Statement:

To empower every business with the ability to optimize their sales through financing, while maximizing cash recovery.

Monterey was founded in 1989 and began operating in 1990 with the intent to provide superior solutions and performance for businesses seeking alternative financing options, consumer financing programs, loan servicing and debt recovery solutions. Since then, Monterey has grown substantially and added back-up servicing, document storage, broker commissions and jewelry industry loans to its list of financial management solutions.

From the beginning, diversity has been a key to Monterey’s growth and superior success in providing alternative financing options. Moreover, Monterey’s infrastructure is a combination of innovation and cutting edge technological improvements along with talented and dedicated professionals spanning from the bottom floor to the highest executive office. Monterey prides itself on long term employee retention, which it believes to be a key factor to creating and perpetually honing its ability to provide supreme service and performance to our clients.

For consumers and their families, tackling debt and credit problems may be an emotional process. As experts in debt collection, we think that providing customers with information on their legal rights, financial planning, and the value of contact with debt collectors will help consumers comprehend their debts so they can make wise payment decisions, Click here For Consumer Resources and Education.

To learn more about our consumer finance programs, loan servicing and debt recovery solutions, recent financial service news or to learn about potential investment opportunities please request further information.

Our Core values

----- Lead with Performance -----

Exceed client and consumer expectations to help them achieve their goals

----- Teamwork always -----

Achieve more through collaboration with our employees, customers, and clients

----- Be Responsible -----

Commitment to compliance and doing things with honesty and integrity

----- Grow Together -----

Provide opportunities for clients, employees, and Monterey to grow and reach their maximum potential

we know your financial needs don't look like everyone else's.